Once this summer is over you will be back to college. Isn’t that crazy? Time flies by so fast! Between getting ready for college and making sure you have a summer you’ll never forget, expect to be busy. When I have time to do things, I spend it very wisely because once school starts, time … Continue Reading


You come home from a long day of school. You are tired, stressed and all you want is to be left alone in peace. However, you have to deal with your roommates that you just wish you could get rid of in a blink of an eye. I know how you feel. I have had … Continue Reading

7 Ways To Recover from College Rejection

Change can be good or bad. Change can allow you to grow or hold you back. And most of all, change can be really scary. Waiting for college admission letters is hard, nerve-wrecking and frustrating.  But the wait is finally over and now I am in a place that I never thought I would ever be. … Continue Reading

Want to be Successful? Stick to a Schedule!

Do you ever find yourself late to class? Snoozing in? Or procrastinating and spending more time on something that should have taken half of the time? 😛 We have all been there. Back in High School, my teachers kept praising and talking about “time management” but seldom did they explain how to manage time and maximize productivity. This is … Continue Reading

#SUCCESS: Tips to Stay Motivated and Accomplish Anything.

I heard this once and I will never forget this phrase “Motivation is fleeting.” If you think about it, how many times have you wanted to give up? And during those times how hard it is to think of WHY you started in the first place. I myself, have had so many moments of frustration … Continue Reading


In America you’re going to have to drive, cook, study, keep in touch with your parents, work part time jobs, build your resume, gym, on top of that make time for loved ones, take care of yourself and sleep. OH….AND off course add to the list; unexpected situations which you don’t want to be in. All … Continue Reading