I want to share with you one photo I found on Ralph Lauren Home. I love everything about this photo. It makes me smile.

I love animals: dogs, parrots, apes, gorillas, dolphins you name it! Oh and guinea pigs and cats too 😛 I especially love horses because of how majestic and beautiful they are.

I find equestrian to be such a beautiful sport. The bond that you have with your horse is such a beautiful thing to witness. I highly recommend horse riding if you have a chance.  You will feel so empowered afterwards. That’s really the reason why I started horse riding, to help me heal emotionally and become mentally and physically strong.

I moved into a new place so I’m very inspired to make it very equestrian chic but most importantly create a feeling of home.

If you are new reading to this blog, I am originally from Vietnam and settling in America has been a difficult transition. I know first hand what it feels like to move abroad and not ever feel like you’re 100% ready and settled. I want to let you know if you’re reading this that you are not alone and there are so many people in your shoes who come to America and feel lonely. I myself included. Things will get better and I know that because I have gone through a lot of dark and lonely times to be where I am now. I love the woman I’m becoming into and will continue to better myself.

Please don’t give up and never let a person or situation define you.

This is a short post but I have to finish up reading a chapter of my Aristotle Ethics book for class tomorrow! Until then, we will catch up again 🙂

I love you all. I know how studying abroad is tough but it will be rewarding I promise.

You have me as a friend and never ever feel like you are alone.

Kisses from Los Angeles

(and one last photo of dogs)

© Catherine Ha 2016