Once this summer is over you will be back to college. Isn’t that crazy? Time flies by so fast! Between getting ready for college and making sure you have a summer you’ll never forget, expect to be busy. When I have time to do things, I spend it very wisely because once school starts, time is a luxury. This summer for me will be quite busy because I just moved into a new place and I am still getting aquainted to Los Angeles.

I have made two lists. Lucky you 🙂  The first one is a PRIORITY. The second one is NON-URGENT. Be realistic and do what you can however the priority list ideally should be done before college begins, to ensure a stress-free start of the year.


  1. Spend time with your family: This is just as important as your academics. This does not mean spending time with them by going on your phone and laptop. Be active with them. Walk, run, eat, smile whatever it is you want to do but make sure you are in the moment. Our world is now fast-paced than ever and we often get trapped in our own schedule and don’t make time for family. Well, why not this summer? Find ways to incorporate family time in your summer plans. Since I live far away I have Skype dates with my mama and papa every 2 nights.  Since it is night time here and morning time in Vietnam, I usually eat my dinner in front of them and have candles in the back and jazz music. I always make an effort to make my Skype calls fun and memorable.
  2. Make a Doctor’s appointment: Even if I feel like I don’t have to, I still do anyways. First and foremost I am not a Doctor myself and there is no way I can analyze what is going on internally in my body. That is the Doctor’s job and you may be surprised what else he/she might find out. So save yourself and go see the Doctor for the annual exam. I come prepared when I see my Doctor. I do my research about what exams/tests I have to take as a woman at my age. If you are not sure what tests to take, call your Doctor and make an appointment. I used to see this as a chore but now I see it as a way to extend my life longer. I want to live long enough so I can see my grandchildren go to college 😉 After all don’t you want to be the healthiest you can be before heading off to college? Take this time to ask your Primary Physician tons of questions. Better safe than sorry!
  3. Create your resume: You may think that a resume is useless at this point because it is the summer before college. As if you were going to find a job. But I think summer is the best time to start creating your resume because you can find out what else is missing. Does your resume lack work experience? Or volunteer activities? You can do some volunteer service over the summer or work for your parents to gain some experience (these are just examples, there are plenty of other options too).
  4. Create a LinkedIn Account: LinkedIn is the professional Facebook. Meaning you post your resume, your education and what job you are seeking. See, this is where your resume comes in handy! 😛  This is where potential companies can search about you online and see if you are suitable for the job. I am pretty sure most hiring managers will either look you up on Facebook or LinkedIn. So if they do, let’s make them not regret their decision. That is why I take my LinkedIn Account seriously. Potential companies, hiring managers can get a feel of who you are through your social media. First impressions do matter. I even got my headshot done professionally. I did not want to use a Facebook selfie for my LinkedIn account. Take time to manage your profile and see what else needs to be taken care of this summer. Above all be true to yourself and do not list things about you that aren’t true.
  5. Take a self-defense class: Whether its krav maga, karate, taekwondo self-defense is a vital skill that could potentially save your life. I took a college safety awareness class and a women’s self-defense class. Both classes were great! I highly recommend taking a self-defense class nearby where you live. Find what works best for you. For me it is Krav Maga because I like how the training is based on real world situations. From the scary number of sexual assault cases on campus to missing students, ease your mind by taking a self-defense class.
  6. Register for classes: Never do this last minute. Plan ahead of time and create 2 schedules on excel. Schedule A and schedule B. If you do not get the class that you wanted because it filled up then you can refer to schedule B. If that does not work out make an appointment with your advisor to see what other options you have to make sure you can graduate in time.
  7. Look at your class schedule: Some of us don’t even look at our class schedule until the first day of school. However, I like the idea of being prepared so when I know my class schedule by heart, I can start looking at clubs/activities  and even plan my workout around my schedule. Also by looking at your class schedule you can save money. You can see what textbooks you need ahead of time and get them on Amazon vs. the bookstore. You can buy used textbooks or even do Amazon Rental. This is super easy and way cheaper than the college’s bookstore.


  1. Clean up your laptop: Declutter your laptop!  Create new folders for the new school year. If you enjoy taking photos and probably take like a 100 before you get the right one, start going back and erase the ones you don’t need. Your laptop space will thank you.
  2. Clean up your closet: Clothes you don’t wear anymore? Either donate or give them to a close friend. Keep things that you need. I always keep my timeless pieces because it can go with anything. Be honest with yourself during this process. I used to be like “No no, I don’t want to give this shirt away. I’m going to wear the shirt to this event and blah blah blah” and 10 months later the shirt is still hanging in my closet.
  3. Get inspired, get to know yourself: College is the ultimate time for you to know yourself. I love spending my summer creating collages or Pinterest boards of the woman I want to become. Get inspiration from your role models. My role models have always been; Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. But remember to stay true to yourself. Once you have an idea of who you are, what you want to be the transition to college is less overwhelming because you already know yourself a bit more.
  4. Read some classic books: Take this summer to re-read some of your favorite classic books that you learnt in High School. Go at your own pace. During high school I was swamped with so much IB homework that I rushed through the reading process. I couldn’t even enjoy reading the book because my mind was wandering about the next homework. And since you do not have homework this summer you might as well  pursue a classic that you’ve never read before. It is worthwhile and reading has been proven to help with your grammar and vocabulary.
  5. Try something new outdoor: I never thought one day I would be running outdoors. Me and the sun are enemies. But yes I did it and I wore my SPF 50 sunscreen and it was exhilarating! Whether its hiking, running, doing a BBQ outdoor spend time outside before the winter arrives. I know I’m starting to make use of my L.A sun 🙂

I hope this list helps. I had a great time at the Transfer BBQ orientation yesterday and met some new nice friends. I’m spending the weekend unpacking, cleaning and rearranging my room according to Feng Shui. My grandma trained me well at a young age.

Have a great weekend all!


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