Not being with the people you love during the holidays is difficult. After all isn’t family, love and happiness the true essence of the holidays? However, not everyone can afford to go back home to see their beloved ones which makes it harder to handle the holiday blues. And it doesn’t help that it’s getting colder outside. Research shows that cold weather impacts your mood negatively: it makes you tired, sleepy and can even make you depressed.

The holidays are about good will and cheer yet it can bring all sorts of emotions about the previous year or your past that can make you feel extremely lonely and vulnerable.

This post is dedicated to all the International Students who are living abroad, alone and far away from family. I am thinking of you as I write this and I empathize with you on so many levels about being far away from family.

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Massive parties, hanging out with friends and leaving homework until Sunday. While that sounds like a lot of fun but in reality it could leave you even more stressed out.

I feel like there is this pressure in college to stay on track with school while keeping up with social life. In fact, with how much school work students’ have, a significant part of students’ weekends are often spent in the library believe it or not!

For me, my weekends are spent at home: doing homework, running errands and writing blog posts which takes up a lot of time.

To go out or not to go out that is the question….

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Last week I took a much needed ‘me time’ as silly as that sounds. I think I’ve come to terms that it is somewhat necessary to take a break. I feel much more relaxed now and have more ideas about what to blog. So hope you all didn’t think I forgot about my blog because my blog is always on my mind.

Initially I wanted to cover this blog topic a while back but I wanted to make sure I was at LMU for a while to share my experience. If you all are new to the blog, I go to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I love it so far! Prior to LMU I went to De Anza college which was a public community college in San Jose for two years. I can definitely see a big change between a public institution and private. Here are my thoughts about attending a private university:

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It feels so good to be back home. I just came back from the VOCARÉ retreat yesterday.

I learnt a lot, made new friends and learnt more about my career goals, path and aspirations! The retreat was at Camp Alonim and the kosher food was amazing. Being away from home, made me miss my daily routine and I decided it was time for me to share with you all my daily college routine.

Initially I wanted to make a VLOG for this but I just sold my Sony Alpha Camera 🙁  because I wasn’t too happy with it. Honestly I think CANON is the way to go. If you guys have any camera recommendations let me know! I think in the near future I would like to invest in my Youtube channel but as you all know I am a college student. Editing videos is very time consuming and I’m afraid that leaves me less time to study. However I am still interested in creating videos because it is my passion and hobby! :p

In my previous blog post I mentioned here that I use google calendar religiously. Google calendar is everything to me. I put reminders, color code my classes and even put the time I need to leave for appointments so I am never late.

So this is what a typical day looks like for me:

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Whether in person or via email talking to your professor is quintessential and part of student life.

If you don’t talk to your professors, you should really start. There are so many reasons why you should talk to your professor (in my opinion) :

  1. Don’t waste time struggling with class content and you can just ask them right away for clarifications.
  2. Extra information about the course that isn’t included in the syllabus.
  3. Get to know your Professor and great practice to talking to people with authority over you later in life.
  4. Feel more confident in your school environment.
  5. Establish a professional network and if they like you they might even write a letter of recommendation for you.

That being said, talking to your professor can be somewhat daunting and scary at times. Especially if your Professor doesn’t seem friendly, nice and open in class. I remember taking this math class back in community college and rehearsing what I would say to the Professor because I was so terrified of him. But I just reminded myself that this person has control over my grades, know much more than I do and I should just ask because this what they are paid for! Teachers are paid to help students. Don’t forget that.

I have over 4 years of experience talking to Professors so I compiled a list of how you should interact with them face to face and via email. Manners matter and it is important that you present yourself well to make a good long lasting impression.

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I wrote this post months ago when I was going through a friendship dilemma but I was afraid to post it 🙁  For some reason I thought this post would be irrelevant because my blog is about college and life in America.

But now I realize that friendship dilemmas, family problems and etc. do happen while you’re in college. This is part of growing up. Every college student goes through something. We all have our own battles. So pick your battles wisely because you’ve got more important things to do like homework 😛 jk!

This post isn’t intended to point out the bad things in my life. I just wanted to share with all of you that, we all face injustice, rejection, betrayal at some point in our life. But it’s how we deal with it that makes us resilient and allow us to focus on our day without getting sidetracked. I also wanted to write this post to give you a glimpse of my real life. I just don’t just go to class, do my homework and write blog posts. Like any other college student I struggle finding time to study, workout, clean, cook, eat, create content for my blog and on top of that talk to my parents on Viber every other night.

It’s not easy but I work hard to make my day productive and efficient as possible.

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