USC and UCLA will meet for the 91st time this Saturday at the Coliseum. The rivalry between the schools began in 1929. My sister currently attends USC and I got to see the game with her yesterday. It was so much fun and of course, I had to root for USC!

I don’t know much about how American football works. The only part I seem to enjoy is the pre-game which includes the world-famous USC marching band, the Song Girls, and the Spirit of Troy. And the famous white horse, Traveler that gallops down the field to the cheers of thousands of fans when USC scores a touchdown. Traveler is a pure Spanish Andulusian. He is simply majestic and handsome to look at.

I remember my first football game was at Stanford. I watched Stanford vs. USC and all I could remember was how amazing USC’s marching band was. They have the best school spirit. I found it puzzling why Stanford would have a tree and a cow as their mascot.

Even though USC lost yesterday which is shocking, I’ll never forget my experience watching the game with my sister and sitting in the student section.

Here are some tips about what to wear and bring to make your game day experience fun and memorable. Remember game day lasts for hours so making sure you are wearing the proper attire can either make or break your experience.


  • A visor and a hat because you will be seated under the sun. It is very hot when you get to the Coliseum even in the fall. Wearing a visor will ensure that you can watch the players on the field without being blinded by the hot sun. Wearing a hat protects your head from the heat. I highly recommend this Bluestone Sunshield for visors. They are very chic and block 99% UVA light.
  • Sunscreen for your face and body. I like GOOP Play everyday lotion 
  • Wear sneakers or walking shoes because you will be walking a lot. You will not be able to get dropped off in front of the Coliseum.  They block the main road for game day. You will be doing a lot of walking inside the Coliseum to get to your seats. These Reebok are great walking shoes and make you feel like you’re walking on air.
  • A small handbag to carry your belongings
  • A camera. One of my biggest regrets was not bringing a DSLR or Vlog camera to capture the experience. I am sure it would have made a difference with the quality.
  • Wear white or any color of your favorite team just not black. Black absorbs heat 🙁 I made the mistake yesterday wearing all black clothes with high knee boots because I thought the weather would be cold. When I got there I was so disappointed.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for your own game day experience. I am so glad I went with my sister.

Have a wonderful Sunday





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