For me fashion meets more than the eye. It’s a lifestyle.

Mr. Porter, Menswear, Robb Report have been on my mind for the past few days. I am falling in love with fashion, art and beauty all over again. This time I am inspired by menswear. Growing up in Vietnam, I was passionate about everyday elegance, beauty and luxury brands. I loved The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman and would always get excited whenever he published a new collection of photos. During those years as I was interning for Robb Report Vietnam, all I could think and dream of was fashion and luxury.

I am always inspired by great designers such as Celine, Chanel, Officine Generale and Ermenegildo Zegna. I love looking at their catalogue. Right now I’m also loving Brunello Cucinelli.

I feel transported back in time as I write this blog post.

I feel young again and happy 🙂

I remember those days when I was in New York. I felt invigorated being in the city but at the same time my parents were facing some financial difficulties. It was a hard time in my life. I was trying to navigate two worlds at the same time. It was overwhelming and I felt very lonely and ashamed.

I felt like no one understood me. But I was lucky enough to have met someone who was kind, sweet and generous who didn’t look down at me.

The past few years, I’ve noticed exponential growth in myself. I feel more certain with who I am. I’m really enjoying the process of getting to know myself and creating a value system based on integrity and character.

Someone I look up to said this to me the other day:

“Character is destiny”

When there is death there is also rebirth.

I’m happy and thankful for this time. I’m reclaiming my childlike wonder and reconnecting with hobbies and interests I used to love in high school but now as a 27 year old!  It’s such a beautiful time. I feel very grateful to be alive and to experience this. It feels like magic!

I’ve also started buying the WSJ, New York Times and National Geographic magazine. It’s the one thing I look forward to reading during the weekends with a nice cup of coffee. I also love having Peonies next to me when I read. I feel like the flowers talk to me and always tell me “Catherine, stop stressing out!” Haha!

My Movie List

I love the scene when she makes pancakes and goes to the library by herself! It makes me smile! 🙂
Stuart is so gentle, kind and loving! If I decide to become a parent one day, I would definitely adopt Stuart haha! I love watching this movie while eating popcorn.

I went to see Harry Gregson-Williams do a talk at the Broad in Santa Monica a few weeks ago. It was such a wonderful talk! He’s the reason why movies like Narnia and Shrek never get out of my head! The music is just so powerful. I listen to many of his soundtracks when I am working out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!

Merry Christmas and sending you love from Los Angeles

xx Catherine

My December Playlist

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