Massive parties, hanging out with friends and leaving homework until Sunday. While that sounds like a lot of fun but in reality it could leave you even more stressed out.

I feel like there is this pressure in college to stay on track with school while keeping up with social life. In fact, with how much school work students’ have, a significant part of students’ weekends are often spent in the library believe it or not!

For me, my weekends are spent at home: doing homework, running errands and writing blog posts which takes up a lot of time.

To go out or not to go out that is the question….

So when you want to go do fun things with your friends but you also don’t want to be behind schoolwork for the upcoming week this presents a challenging dilemma. I believe that your weekends should be productive and fun.

However, the majority of people tend to go out on Friday, Saturday leaving their homework until Sunday. Not only is it bad to leave things last minute, but research shows that your productivity greatly decreases as the day goes on. This may take some time to adjust if you’re a person that goes out a lot but I believe the best path forward is to either:

a) get your homework done Friday/Saturday then go out on Sunday

b) split up your time and do things in manageable bursts. For example let’s say you want to hang out with your friend Saturday night time. So it’s best to do homework before you go out so you don’t get tired and push your homework to Sunday.

I also believe in a positive mindset. Self- talk is important because it’s how you shape your perception. Some people tell themselves it’s either going out,  having the best time of their life or staying home all weekend to study! These types of thinking are too extreme and make people feel like they have to sacrifice one or the other.

Instead of thinking like that, you should think of the weekend as a time to have fun and get some work done.

All it takes is a shift in mindset

Don’t lie to yourself and believe that you can go out all weekend and stay up all night Sunday to get work done. Set your schedule and plan what you have to do vs. what you want to do. When you know the difference it will be easier to prioritize and then make time for the things you want to do.

Even though I always have a plan of what to do each weekend, that doesn’t mean something might not come up. Sometimes your family or friend might visit you during the weekend. BUT when you have a plan of what you need to get done you will be able to make smarter choices through unexpected and random events.

Also learn to say no when you have to. I think many people don’t use this word often because they feel bad or don’t want to feel guilty. Frankly, I say no to a lot to my friends. Not because I want to 🙁 but I have to in order to meet deadlines.

My full time job is being a student. My second job is blogging and on top of homework and everything else in my life I’ve started to take an interest in bodybuilding & bikini fitness competitions. I’ve got more into it now then I was last year.

I’m not saying you should follow my example, but I think it’s good to balance both work and fun. But learning to say no during times when you need to will be more rewarding at the end.

My weekends are far from glamorous

A typical weekend for me is usually making sure my blog content is running, studying, cleaning, talking to my parents and so much more.

I don’t go out a lot, I prefer staying home listening to music, tidying up my closet and reading. Also when friends ask me to go out and eat, 95% of the time I say no because I cook a lot and I enjoy eating at home to save money.

I like to keep to myself, I’m no different to the Catherine Ha that was back in high school. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I rarely went out. I hated alcohol and I still do. I didn’t enjoy clubbing that often because I was too sleepy by the time everyone went out :p And I would much rather stay home, relax and read.

But as I become older and hopefully wiser 😉 I’ve just embraced who I am. I feel like a senior citizen sometimes because I just enjoy doing calm and nice things. Nothing makes me more happier than having a quiet, relaxing and productive weekend. I always feel so rejuvenated at the start of my school week.

I hope this blog post helps.

I will be back on the Miles Monday radio show on Monday from 6:00-8:00pm!

Don’t worry it will be recorded and uploaded to my new Youtube Channel.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Goodnight from L.A!




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