My battle with sweat stains started young. I loved playing outdoors and when I did, my underarms would be covered in sweat patches. Even when I attended school and just sat in class all day, I would sweat for no apparent reason. I wasn’t even feeling nervous or doing anything active.

I was so embarrassed and tried all different kinds of home remedies to alleviate the sweat. Still, nothing worked. I remember avoiding certain colors like white, grey or any bright colors in general because I was scared of sweat stains showing. I also had to buy blazers that were 2 size up because I had a fear of staining my blazers. It was just horrible and not fun to deal with.

Yes, I am very aware that we all sweat. It’s our way of regulating heat throughout the body but I don’t have that kind of sweating. I am a chronic sweater and I suffer from hyperhidrosis. At the age of 22, I finally wanted to put an end to this so I did my research. I found out that there are two treatments to prevent this:

  1. Botox- short-term treatment
  2. Miradry -long-term treatment

I hate needles so I to chose something non-invasive and that would last me a long time. After saving up money I decided to go with Miradry 🙂  At first I didn’t want to share this post because I was afraid of being judged for having sweaty underarms but after receiving comments on my Instagram I decided to share it. I know I am not alone and I’m sure there are people out there who also go through the same struggles I did.

Thanks to Miradry LA  I no longer have to deal with sweaty underarms and deodorant. I feel so confident and so relieved.

If you are thinking to put an end to this, I highly recommend Miradry. It is very effective and there are many studies that show that the laser reduces your sweat glands by 80%. There are so many Miradry clinics in Los Angeles but I made the decision to book my appointment with Maria (the Specialist) at Miradry LA because she made me feel very comfortable.

Immediately after booking with her she sent me all the details about the procedure, what to expect, the side effects and what I had to do before coming in. I had to shave my underarms 3 days prior to the laser.

I arrived at the Miradry LA wearing loose clothing because I wanted to be comfortable during the procedure. It lasted two hours.

The Procedure

They say beauty is pain and I’m not going to lie, this treatment was no Swedish massage. I was awake the entire time and taking deep breaths. But remember, everyone has a different tolerance to pain. I am a highly sensitive person so I saw this coming. Also I am a baby when it comes to any type of injection. You can ask Maria, who did my treatment and she can tell you I was holding her hand and crying like a baby.

  • First, a template will be drawn on both of your underarms to outline where the laser will hit.
  • Numbing will be applied and this is slightly uncomfortable but you will be okay. Just lay there, close your eyes, take deep breaths and think about your dream underarms. Sweat-free! Odor-free! No more deodorant.
  • Lastly, Maria will use the magic miradry device all over your underarms. You don’t feel anything at all because you’ve been numbed.
  • When you’re done, ice will be applied to your underarms to reduce swelling.
  • Maria gave me a brochure and arnica gel on how to take care of my underarms the next few days.

The Recovery

  • Day 1: After the procedure I went home, did laundry and my homework. The laser has no down time so you carry on your day like normal. But you will feel tender and swollen and that is completely normal.
  • Day 2: This is the day when you’re going to feel like you have implants under your arms 😛 It was uncomfortable for me and I couldn’t reach anything higher than my head. You will be a little slower doing your normal routine but that is because your underarms are still swollen. Take it easy, rest, ice and you will be okay.
  • Day 3: Went to school, swelling subsided and completely dry.
  • Day 4-6: Continued to to go to school, swelling reduces each day, completely dry and no odor.
  • Day 7-9: Tender underarms, not so much swelling and there is some bruising.

The Results

I got my procedure done last Friday and it’s been 8 days. I went to school as normal and my underarms were completely dry. I went to the gym earlier today. This was really going to be the ultimate test to see if Miradry worked or not. I wore a tight long sleeve gym shirt and did strength training with weights. I ran errands and when I arrived home and lifted my underarms I was completely dry. No sweat stains, no odor no nothing. What a relief!

Words can’t describe how happy I am right now.

Know this before going in to procedure:

Despite what people say, choose your day of doing the procedure wisely.

I highly encourage you to do this on a weekend or on a day where you will be okay with being uncomfortable for a few hours. I know some people get this done and go back to work right away but you know yourself better than anyone else. I knew that I wanted to get this procedure done at an evening time on a Friday so I could use the weekend to recover and take it easy and not be rushed.

Once again thank you Miradry Los Angeles. Thank you Maria and Kristina, the most gentle and caring specialists I’ve ever encountered. You both made my experience stress-free and was very reassuring to me. They both even checked in on me to see how I was doing after the procedure was done. I love the care I received.I highly recommend Miradry LA.

For more information and booking go to

Miradry LA

11961 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066, Mar Vista

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How long has it been since you had the Miradry procedure? Are your underarms still sweat free? and did it get rid of odor too? Thank you!!

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