A simple outfit and a polished blazer.

Nothing makes me more happy than wearing that.

I think blazers make a simple outfit more elevated, elegant and sophisticated. I never leave home without it.

Los Angeles is a sunny city all year round but the weather changes day to day. Sometimes it gets cold in the early morning, windy during the day and freezing at night. I could be in a different part of LA and then drive up a few miles up north or south and enter into a different season.

The great thing about wearing a blazer is that it makes you look put together and at the same time keeps you warm. If the weather gets too sunny and humid you can always take it off.  I’m the type of person who gets cold easily so I always have to bring a jacket or a blazer to keep me warm.

For the most part, Los Angeles style is casual, boho and laidback. I feel that it does not suit me. I still prefer the NYC style that I was surrounded with when I lived there. So, I always keep a bit of New York city chic no matter where I go 🙂

I do this by wearing a basic top, jeans and finishing the look off with a blazer. Then pairing the look with over the knee boots and a handbag.

If I am not wearing high-knee boots, I like to wear flats. My favorite flats are from Chanel.

I try not to wear sneakers because I just do not feel like it is me. I do not feel feminine when I wear sneakers. But if I have to, I will wear neutral color platform sneakers. Platform sneakers are great because they make you look taller. I highly recommend the Roger Vivier sneakers. They don’t make the pair I have anymore but those sneakers were my all time favorite which you can see here 

Most of my basics are from Zara.  My jeans are from J.Brand which I have had for more than 2 years. The jeans last long and are very comfortable. The over the knee boots which you see in the photo are from Stuart Weitzman. I remember the first time I tried a pair on and I was so happy because they fit me like a glove. It felt good and right. I truly do not get bored of wearing high knee black boots. They are a staple in my closet. I love that it makes me look a little taller without the pain and blisters when you wear heels.

For accessories, I normally wear my Cartier watch which is very sentimental to me and reminds me to be punctual, polite and professional.

Overall, this is my everyday uniform. It makes me feel confident, happy and sexy.

I love the versatility, sophistication and modesty of it. I know that if I ran into anyone or had to show up to a meeting I would always be prepared and feel my best and powerful.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed the look. I had so much fun taking these photos with the photographer.

Goodnight from Los Angeles.

White Blazer: here
Top: here
Jeans: here
Boots: here
Bag: Chanel


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